About Us


In 2009, Andrei Kekana, who was already a successful entrepreneur, opened the flagship antiques showroom. “I quickly gained many prominent and loyal clients, both locally and internationally, because I would go out and search for exceptional antique pieces that just weren’t readily available or accessible to people at that time,” says Andrei Kekana. Originally from South Africa, Andrei would traverse Europe in order to acquire pieces that would meet both the requests and standards of his clients. “Traveling Europe and visiting private homes and manors was how I found these fantastic antique pieces, pieces that you can’t and won’t find today. It was a hands-on experience, and it still is today.”

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About the CEO

I am a South African descent who grew up in the hearts of South Africa Johannesburg. First degree was in Informatics & radio electronics and my second in Arts history History- University of South Africa(UNISA) between 1987 -1992.

You may wonder why the career switch? Well, that was simply about meeting my parents' expectations academically. Not what I wanted for myself. I have always had an undying love for Art works. Quite fascinated by History and vast Cultures of our World. Exploring Ancient Ruins in Europe just makes me feel like I did live in that Era. It is a rare feeling I don't get anywhere else. Just love it. To touch, feel , walk on bridges, on roads or sit on a piece of furniture designed and crafted from a different era just send shivers down my spine. 

You've read this far probably because you're a kindred spirit. You appreciate the beauty, history & class in Antiques . A gift to us; some we can acquire, and others, only admire. Well, my expertise lies in the former. Leading a professional life that yields remarkable results, satisfies my adventurous side (I call it treasure hunting) , and meeting demands with my ability to supply in due time, is what this is about. Having a background in two different fields, yet, giving the Art Business 99% is a decision I have never regretted. 
I welcome you to experience my expertise.