Guilmet’s Astonishing Nautical Clocks

Not much is known about the man himself, but what we do know about A.R. Guilmet almost exclusively relates to the way that his craft has withstood the test of time, and is as coveted today, if not more, as it was when it was created. The renowned horologer did not get his start with […]

A Brief History of the St Elwyn

Under our care is an incredibly and carefully detailed shipbuilders model of the early 20th century sunken ship, the St Elwyn. This little piece of history comes in its original glass and wood casing, which is beautifully engraved with the ship’s name atop the box. This boat model is extremely rare; we consider ourselves in […]

The Evolution of Louis Vuitton trunks

What we know today as the powerhouse that is the Louis Vuitton brand was once started by humble beginnings, and it may have been established earlier than most people think; In 1837, Vuitton arrived to Paris in midst of the Industrial Revolution from his natal town of Jura, France, having travelled approximately 292 miles by […]


A lot of people walk into our store and become mesmerized looking at this interesting looking piece. “An electric chair…” I hear them whisper to one another; this is the moment when I feel I must intervene. “This is not an electric chair, but quite the opposite, actually”. I then have the pleasure of informing […]

On the Browning Machine Gun

On the Browning Machine Gun

Hailed as “the gun that won WWII”, the Browning machine gun was designed by John M. Browning towards the end